Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cabin 11 does Skit Night!

Hey so Cabin 11 boys did amazing at the skirt time last night! We all met up and did a planned out what we should do for the skit night. We worked hard and planned out something spectacular. The boys all lined up and the person at the end started the skit. William started by saying hey I have to go Weee! Then the boys would pass the message down the line untill it got to the boss at the end of the line. Hey he has to got Weee. The boss at the end would then state sorry here will have to wait… After the 3 times of being told he would have to wait he yelled hey! hey! Tell him I have to Weeee! The boss finally got the message and said … ok he can Weee! Then the boys pass it down to the person that needs to Weee! - When William - got the message he puts his hands in the air and yells… WEEEEEEE!!! The audience loved it!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Boy's cabin

What does a boy's cabin look like on Wednesday?

Cabin 4, home to 8 campers, of a wide age range (2nd - 6th grade) and 2 counselors is shown below.
These pictures were taken in the morning just after breakfast.

With the rain and the popularity of swimming, all the towels and swimsuits are out to dry.  No wet things inside the cabin during the day!

Beds are made or neatened.  Floor and porch swept.  Extra things put away in the bunk, bags, and closets.

From what I hear, not all cabins are as neat and orderly as cabin 4
(disclaimer: this was written by one of the counselors of cabin 4)

News Flash: Cabin seven was one of the three White Sock winners today!

Building houses.

Cabin 3's Catlin and Izzy built houses with tape, index cards, and an Altoids box.  They did this because, in spiritual formation, their cabin was taking about how to have a strong foundation for their life.  So for the activity they used a fan for the "big storm" and observed how their house stood up.  So in conclusion we all need a strong foundation for their lives like the wise man who built his house apon the rock instead of building his house apon the sand.  -- Written by Caitlin and Izzy! <3

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Six word stories from Creative Expressions Class

In Creative Expressions class we start each day with an exercise to get us thinking creatively about the projects we are working on.  Our warm-up on Tuesday was "Six Word Stories".  Back in the day Ernest Hemingway was challenged to come up with a six-word story.  He thought, and replied "For Sale: Baby Shoes.  Never worn."

After talking about minimalism, style and being able to show our readers a certain feeling, here are some six word (give or take) stories that our campers came up with.

The dust-covered stuffed pony had a frayed tail and a missing eye.

Trash can. Stand strong. Class president.

Mirror reflections, Beautiful posture, Hidden Possibilities.

Jewels missing, Butler did it.

Long lost.  Never found. Calling home.

Nemo: Never gonna give you up

Alien.  Rescue.  Secret identity.  Power.  Hope.

In real life giraffes aren't spikey.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exciting happenings in the pool

Today a live frog joined us in the pool. 
The life-guard fished it out and set it free in the woods.
It was cute! 
I wish we could keep it as a pet.
          -- Tamarra, Cabin 2

I swam all the way to the deep end for the first time! 
          -- Lauren, Cabin 2

Tuesday Night Was Skit Night!!!

Last night was the official EYMC skit night.  Every cabin group got an opportunity to come up with a skit and perform it in front of the whole camp.  There were lots of laughs as every cabin did an amazing job. Some of the highlights were the staff skit with our lovely panel of staff being on MPR and answering ridiculous questions about camp and cabin nine's version of a "riff-off" where they remixed and sang songs about god.  Everyone had an amazing time and we are all thinking about what we can do for next year.
The "Riff-Off"
The (NPR spoof) Hosts
The Panel

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting to know you

Yesterday (Monday) cabin 3 performed a human knot, symbolic of the individuals coming together, forming a community and working together.